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High Resolution Mass Spectrometers

APPLICATIONS Petroleum / Environmental Powerful tools for analyzing truly complex mixtures Natural Products / Food / Herbal Ambient ionization lets you analyze samples in their native state Forensics Eliminate backlogs with rapid analysis of drugs, trace evidence, explosives and more Process / Gas Monitoring Continuous high-resolution monitoring of gases from hydrogen to process gases Chemicals […]

  • SKU : H92-various
  • Manufacturer : JEOL
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Petroleum / Environmental
Natural Products / Food / Herbal
Process / Gas Monitoring
Chemicals / Polymers / Materials

Reflectron Time-of-Flight
  • AccuTOF™ GCx: comprehensive GCxGC/MS; full complement of ion sources and probes
Multi-Turn Time-of-Flight
  • InfiTOF: portable gas analysis system; real-time direct gas injection
  • SpiralTOF™: Ultrahigh resolution TOF; Monoisotopic precursor selection for MS/MS
Magnetic Sector
  • MStation: GC/MS, direct probe; dioxin analysis