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The Integrated Systems group at Hoskin Scientific is the trusted and preferred supplier of real-time Hydrometric Monitoring Systems for Ontario Power Generation and other hydroelectric producers across Canada. Monitoring head pond and tailrace water levels, flow and discharge and river ice development is an integral aspect of dam safety monitoring programs for hydroelectric producers.

Hoskin Scientific has developed a custom-tailored solution to integrate real time river data into Water Management operations and decision-making tools to ensure flow and level operations are optimized. As part of our Integration process, our team works with water managers from initial consultation through build and communications testing all the way to site training and system commissioning to ensure your custom monitoring solution is operational and meeting your sites requirements

Scope of Work Developed

Instrumentation Review

What is Systems Integration at Hoskin Scientific?

The systems integration process at Hoskin Scientific Ltd. is a complete
consultation process from conception through to deployment.

System Build

System Testing & Telemetry Configuration

System Documentation & Review

On-Site Customer Training

System Commissioning

Application Review &
Technical Consultation

Hoskin Proudly Represents

What Integrated Systems at Hoskin Provide to our Customers

Sequoia manufactures two instruments based on laser diffraction for monitoring sediments entering hydro turbines. These are the LISST-Hydro and LISST-Infinite. These two produce data on sediment concentration sorted into 3 size classes – fine (<75μm), medium (75 to 200 μm), and coarse (200 to 500 μm). It is believed by some that only the coarse size class damages turbines, hence this partition.

LISST-ABS for Protecting Hydro Turbines from Abrasion

Application Notes

Hydrometric and Dam Safety Monitoring Station with Radio Modem and GOES Satellite Telemetry
GOES Satellite Remote Hydrometric Station

Satlink 3 Transceiver / Datalogger

Pre-Operation Test & Verification Plan for ND1 Headworks

DeCew Gauging Station Upgrades

Remote Dam Safety Monitoring Systems

Saunders Gauging Stations Upgrade

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