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Portable MEMS Inclinometer

The MEMS Portable Inclinometer system utilizes modern communication and Smart devices to enable the tilt data generated by the probe to be managed, stored and transferred directly from site via FTP, API, email or other communication platforms.  

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The system comprises a slimline detachable probe, a lightweight robust elongation-resistant cable, lightweight reel with Bluetooth communication to the smart android readout device, with a user-friendly app, plus storage and carry cases for all components.

The probe is fitted with industry standard MEMS biaxial sensors together with a signal conditioning board allowing the calibration factors to be stored within the probe. A digital output signal via the reel is sent to the Smart android device where it is converted to engineering units.

The double Vectran® reinforced cable and depth markers have been designed and tested with weight up to 40 kg to ensure their long-term stability.

To ensure data is not compromised by electro-magnetic interference and thus become inaccurate, even on noisy sites, the system has been designed and fitted with full 360 degree EMC protection within the probe, cable and reel and is fully tested in accordance with CE and FCC requirements.


  • MEMS Digital probe & carry case
  • Lightweight robust cable & reel
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Android Smart Device readout
  • Intuitive android app
  • Connectivity via FTP, API, email
  • 360° EMC protection throughout​​
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