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AC Current Switch Sensor


Measures equipment runtime (time-of-use); compatible with HOBO UX90 and UX120-017 data loggers.

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Measures equipment runtime (time-of-use). This UL-listed sensor has built-in on/off status lights and provides an adjustable current threshold of 0.5 to 175 amps. Simply install the sensor around a current-carrying wire to the equipment to be monitored and then connect the sensor to a compatible HOBO UX90 or UX120-017 data logger.

  • Can be used with any state channel on UX-120-xxxx loggers
  • Installs around a current-carrying wire to provide a relay signal indications equipment on/off
  • Adjustable threshold provides maximum application flexibility
  • UL listed

The CSV-A8 Sensor is for use in Indoor environments

The CSV-A8 Sensor supports the following measurements: Motor On/Off

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