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AFIDA Cetane Number Analysis

AFIDA is a revolutionary development providing you with a fully automated way of determining Indicated Cetane Number (ICN) of diesel and diesel related fuels. The AFIDA can analyse multiple samples in sequence and selects the samples using the 36-place autosampler

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AFIDA is a revolutionary development providing fully automated
determination of the Cetane Number Constant Volume CN(cv) of diesel and
diesel related fuels. The Analyser incorporates a unique and patented
high pressure injection system that generates fi ne fuel droplets
similar to modern common rail injectors that are currently applied in
the automotive industry.

Direct correlation to ASTM D613 (ISO 5165) CFR engine tests. The
Analyser provides very fast, efficient and calibrated CN determinations,
tests are fully automated via an integral carousel and auto sampler.

The traditional Cetane ‘CFR’ engine method establishes an ignition
delay period for the test fuel which is measured against primary
reference fuels (PRF’s).

Existing CVCC technology (including IQT and CD510 instruments)
provide a Derived Cetane Number (DCN) result based on a correlation
equation applied to the ignition delay of the fuel sample.

The new generation AFIDA technology is a signifi cant step forward
as it uses the exact same Primary Reference Fuels as specifi ed in the
CFR Engine method to provide a calibrated cetane number measurement.

Initial test programmes have shown excellent correlation between EN
ISO 5165 cetane number and AFIDA cetane number. The coefficient of
determination (R²) is 0.98.

  • Bench top operation
  • Fully automated measurement
  • Very small sample volumes (approx 40 ml/analysis including flushing)
  • Short analysis time of approximately 20 minutes per sample
  • Integral 20 place carousel and auto sampler
  • Minimum operator time
  • Precise and reproducible software-controlled determination of CN(cv)
  • Calibration with industry approved PRFs
  • Excellent correlation to EN ISO 5165 & ASTM D613
  • Advanced electronically controlled high pressure fuel injection system
  • Safe operation – integral safety monitoring functions
  • Results saved to PC or for download
  • Proven calibration stability – minimizing downtime
ASTM D613, ASTM D975, ASTM D1655, ASTM D6751, ASTM D7467, ASTM D8183, IP 41, IP 617, BS EN 17155, BS EN ISO 5165 & BS 2000-41 & ISO 5165, EN 590