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HOBO H22 Energy Data Logger


Monitor energy and industrial equipment with this 15-channel data logger to quickly detect and address issues relating to HVAC, machinery, and other systems.

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This 15-channel data logger lets energy and facility managers monitor energy and industrial equipment to quickly and easily detect and address a variety of issues relating to HVAC, machinery, and other systems. A modular device, the HOBO H22-001 Energy Data Logger is more economical than its alternatives because it eliminates the need for a toolbox full of data loggers.

Deploying this logger with a variety of pre-defined plug-and-play smart sensors create a robust monitoring system, and it’s compatible with HOBOware software, so researchers can conduct effective data analysis in minutes.


  • Flexible data logger records up to 15 channels of more than a dozen measurements
  • Provides 12v excitation for third-party sensors
  • Pre-configured Smart Sensors get you started fast
  • Signal conditioning modules retain configurations until you change them, providing plug-and-play convenience for commonly used sensors
  • Flexible power options include battery operation for AC power adapter