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HOBOnet Remote Water Level Monitoring System


A Revolutionary Remote Monitoring Solution for Water Level Data Collection

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Tired of hassles and delays in getting insights because you have to physically retrieve water level data from the field? Constrained by the budgets and resources needed to monitor multiple sites at once? A breakthrough solution for stream and wetland restoration, stormwater management, and other applications, our HOBOnet IoT Remote Water Level Monitoring System revolutionizes how you monitor and manage well and water level data, using a single cellular station that delivers near real-time information from wireless water level sensors right to the cloud.

Experience the future of real-time, hassle-free monitoring so you can spend more time analyzing water level data — instead of collecting it!

How a Remote Sensor Network Streamlines Your Water Level Monitoring
Using a cellular monitoring station as its hub, HOBOnet’s powerful Sub GHz wireless mesh network offers an extensive line-of-sight range of 1500-2000 feet, which can be expanded even farther using additional repeaters. The station can download data from up to 50 separate water level sensors using a wireless interface, then send it to our HOBOlink cloud platform, giving you 24/7 data access, customizable dashboards and alerts, robust analysis tools, and more.

Advantages Of A HOBOnet Remote Water Level Monitoring System

  • Effortless Deployment
  • Reliable Sensors
  • Multi-Site Efficiency
  • Expansive Coverage
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Data Integrity
  • Cloud-Powered Analytics