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LI-600N Porometer/ Fluorometer

The LI-600N Porometer/ Fluorometer is the only instrument specifically optimized to measure the stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescence of a single needle, narrow leaf, or blade of grass.

  • SKU : E473-LI-600N
  • Manufacturer: Li-Cor
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How it’s different

The LI-600N is designed to quickly survey needles, narrow leaves, and grasses under ambient conditions.

  • Reaches stability in 5-15 seconds across a range of gsw rates.
  • Utilizes user-configurable stability criteria.
  • Log a measurement with the press of a button.
How it works

The LI-600N brings together numerous innovative technologies to deliver fast, accurate, and dependable measurements in a compact, handheld device.

Stomatal conductance

The LI-600N uses an open flow-through differential measurement for quantifying transpiration (E) and stomatal conductance around the needle or narrow leaf. First, E is quantified by measuring the flow rate and water vapor mole fraction of air that enters and leaves the chamber. Meanwhile, total conductance to water vapor (gtw) is computed as a function of E and vapor pressure in the leaf and cuvette. Finally, stomatal conductance to water (gsw) is computed as a function of gtw and the boundary layer conductance to water vapor (gbw).

The advantages of the LI-600N measurement flow path include the following:

  • Flow rates quickly flush through the small chamber volume and result in rapid stabilization for quick measurements
  • A differential measurement in close to ambient conditions
  • Minimally disturbed light, CO2and H2during the measurement eliminate the need for desiccant chambers or corrections for large diffusion gradients
  • Automatic matching accounts for drift between the reference and sample sensors
High accuracy at low conductance

Get high-quality, accurate measurements from single needles and blades of grass, even at extremely low conductance.