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The Ranger is the only field recorder you will need. Record everything from bats to birds simultaneously with one device.

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We have built upon the success and feedback from the Chorus and the Anabat Swift to develop a fully customisable, long-lasting wildlife recorder. The Ranger includes all of the features you have come to expect from Titley Scientific recorders: durable in tough field conditions, easy-to-use, compact, light-weight and with built-in GPS.

Choose from a wide range of microphones including low-profile side-mount or front-mounted acoustic microphones, and front-mounted omnidirectional or directional ultrasonic microphones – all of which are weatherproof, highly sensitive and easily user replaceable in the field. Front-mounted microphones can also be fitted to extension cables up to 100m. Whether you want to record birds in stereo, frogs in the rain, bats up a mast, or all three at once, the Ranger has you covered.

Setting up is simple; use our preset recording modes and the GPS will determine your location, sunset and sunrise times to record precisely when needed. No phones or external devices are needed for setup – you can adjust the settings using the internal colour touchscreen. It is easy to create complex multi-task schedules on device or using the Toolbox scheduler built in to Insight. Deploy for long periods with 8 AA battery capacity (100 nights ultrasonic or 700 hours acoustic*), or use the external power with or without solar panels for extended or permanent installation. The camouflage, robust housing has multiple mounting points for everything from cable ties to camera-tripod mounts to elastic straps, or if you want extra security, you can purchase the security box and python lock accessory.

You have the choice between our user-replaceable acoustic and ultrasonic microphones. The Ranger has three channels, so you can customise your microphone setup to record:

  • Mono (1 channel) acoustic. Low-profile side-mounted or extension-mount.
  • Stereo (2 channels) acoustic. Low-profile side-mounted.
  • Mono (1 channel) ultrasonic. Front-mounted, omnidirectional or directional options.
  • Or any combination of the above simultaneously, or on a custom schedule.


All microphones feature a high-performance microphone elements, with built-in low noise preamplifiers, low noise floor and are weather resistant.

*Ultrasonic battery life estimations based on 10% bat activity at 25°C and 10 hour nights recording at 320ksps using 8 alkaline AA batteries. Acoustic battery life estimations based on continuous mono recording at 32ksps using 8 alkaline AA batteries.