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Seta Standard Penetration Needle (uncertified)

Pack of 3 penetration needles for use with Seta Penetrometers. 2.5 g mass, for bituminous materials.

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ASTM D5 – Standard Test Method for Penetration of Bituminous Materials
IP 49 – Penetration of Bituminous Minerals
BS 2000 – Part 49 Determination of needle penetration of bituminous material
EN 1426 – Methods of tests for petroleum and its products. Bitumen and bituminous binders. Determination of needle penetration
  • 2.5g mass
  • Pack of 3
Model Numbers

G-131-18520-0 (ASTM D5)

G-131-18512-0 (ASTM D5) 

G-131-18490-0 (ASTM D1321) – Wax Penetration Needle