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A compact and portable BALI USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) for hydrographic and bathymetry surveying. Simple to operate and extremely accurate, using single frequency (SF) or a dual frequency (DF) echosounders for sounding up to 200m with a centimetric accuracy.

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Compact and stable

Light and robust, the USV is easy to operate and transport. The design highly improve the sailing stability in high speed.

Long endurance

Waterjet propulsion system drives the maximum speed to 5m/s. Powerful battery and low power consumption supports 6 hours of endurance at 3 knots.

Augmented GNSS

By relying on augmented-GNSS navigation technology, BALI USV is a highly-sophisticated solution that delivers centimeter precision.

Automatic mission planning

Manual or automatic survey mode, performs great line tracking capability. The USV can autonomously conduct surveys and send back data in real-time.