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In metallography, cutting (or metallographic cutting) is the first step in preparing a sample for its analysis. The quality of the cut is essential since a well-executed cut will preserve the entire structure and preserve the initial properties of the sample. It also allows to save time and use of consumables.

Depending on the size of the sample and the type of cut to be made, PRESI offers several types of cutting machines: micro-cutting machine, manual or automatic cutting machines, etc. Powerful, easy to use and with increased cutting capacities, our cutting machines cover all needs with the guarantee of fast, precise and quality cutting.


Micro-cutting machine dedicated to PCB and flat samples. A compact machine designed for cutting PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and flat samples. (51800)

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Mecatome Family

Precision automatic/manual micro-cutting machine.

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EVO 400

Large size cutting machine. Evo 400 Ref. 50400 / Evo 400+ Ref. 50430. The EVO 400 is a very spacious, large capacity machine.

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Diamond Wire Saws

Fine cutting and absolute precision. With their stainless steel wire set with diamonds, the diamond wire saws cuts most materials.

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Cut-Off Wheels Cutting Liquid Diamond Wire

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Samples can sometimes be difficult to handle because of their complex shape, their fragility or their small size. Achieving a high quality mount is essential to facilitate the handling, to protect fragile materials but also to obtain good preparation results for polishing and future analysis. The advantages of our processing techniques include eliminating the risk of blistering and edges shrinkage are guaranteed.

In order to cover all the possible requirements involved in the handling of any given sample type, PRESI offers hot mounting and cold mounting machines. In order to preserve the structure and integrity of the sample to be mounted, the most appropriate mounting technique must be determined to achieve the desired results. Cold mounting is recommended for the mounting of individual or series samples, fragile and sensitive to heat. Hot mounting is recommended to achieve a high quality mounts (edge examination, hardness measurements), it offers a greater hardness and allows to control the mounting diameter.

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