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Flood Monitoring

Flood monitoring involves observing and tracking water levels in rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water to detect and predict potential flood events. By continuously monitoring water levels and precipitation patterns, flood monitoring systems provide invaluable data to emergency management officials, allowing them to issue timely warnings and implement appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of flooding.


FIND OUT HOW OUR PRODUCTS DO IN THE REAL WORLD! Hoskin Scientific provides turn-key monitoring solutions for Flood monitoring. Customized to your specifications, saving you time and money. From design to installation to maintenance, we are committed to delivering the best possible results.

Sommer Messtechnik: Advanced Solutions for Water Discharge Monitoring in Hydrology

Sommer offers solutions for water discharge monitoring, a critical aspect of hydrology for various purposes like flood forecasting, water resource management, and environmental monitoring. Their systems provide accurate measurement of water flow rates in rivers, streams, and canals using advanced sensors and technology.

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OTT HydroMet: Flood Warning Solutions for Effective Disaster Management

OTT HydroMet offers comprehensive solutions for flood warning systems, crucial for mitigating the impacts of floods on communities and infrastructure. Their products ensure reliable and accurate data collection, contributing to improved resilience against flood hazards.

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Why Add Velocity to Your Level Monitoring?

Earlier Detection of High Water and Flood, On Site Discharge Measurements (ReSection Changes Can Be Detected Without Going On-Site, Detection of Vegetation Growth in a Channel, etc.

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We are committed to helping our customers enhance their flood monitoring capabilities and protect lives and property from the devastating consequences of flooding. Our team of experts is available to provide consultation and support to assist you in selecting the most suitable instrumentation for your specific requirements.


We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in implementing flood monitoring solutions that contribute to the safety and resilience of your community.

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Benefits of Measuring Velocity Alongside Water Level RQ-30 and RG-30 Radar Sensor

Identifying Hysteresis

Detect a Change of Riverbed/Cross Section

Recognition of Vegetation Growth

Change from Normal Flow to Super or Sub-critical Flow

Tide Effects

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