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Vibra HJK Balance 22000g x 0.1g

More efficient precision weighing in manufacturing process Water-proof, washable by water

  • SKU : GN24-HJ22KO.1S
  • Manufacturer: Vibra
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Water & Dust Proof IP65 (IEC/JIS) compliant

Display and weighing unit are washable from any direction.

Newly developed RATTS

Evolved from MMTS, RATTS (Right Angle Transmission Tuning-fork Sensor) extends the capacity range up to 62kg while retaining the strong advantages of a tuning-fork sensor, such as quick response, stability, durability, and anti-noise performance.

One touch calibration

Calibrates the s balance with just one touch of the calibration key. Cal Adviser function notifies the operator when calibration is recommended due to an environmental change (HJR type)

Large fluorescent display

Highly visible in all lighting conditions.

Bar graph indicator

shows the gross weight’s relation to the capacity.

5-point comparator function

Convenient for such tasks as classification, checking, and filling.

Standard 2-channel RS-232C

ISO/GLP/GMP compatible and includes calendar & clock function.

Under weighing function

It can be added using optional kit.

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