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HOBO Accessories


MX2200s Bracket for RS1 or M-RSA

MX2500 Calibration Beaker

MX2500 Electrode Storage Cap

AC Power Adapter for 3rd Party Sensors up to 400mA @12vdc Power

HOBOware Pro – Mac/Win (Download Only) Software


4 to 20 mA Input

MX2001 Direct Read Cable

Interface Cable for PCs

Ground Wire for H21-USB

HOBO Shuttle Interface Cable

Compliance Certification

Replacement Coupler for U20L, U22, U24, and U26 Data Loggers

Lockable Vented Security Case

Replacement Coupler for TidbiT v2

Replacement Pendant Coupler for BASE-U-4

Replacement Lithium 2/3 AA

Small Desiccant Pack (25-Count)

U2X Protective Housing

Large Desiccant Pack (25-Count)

Replacement Battery for U23 Data Loggers (Sold Individually)

Replacement Batteries (Pack of 5)

Replacement RH Sensor for H8, U10, or UX100-003 Indoor Data Logger

Desiccant Pack for Outdoor/Industrial Data Logger (Qty 2)

Replacement Parts Kit for Outdoor/Industrial Data Loggers

Replacement 10 Ahr Battery for U30 and RX3000

Lithium Batteries

Setup Charge for NIST Traceable Certification

MX2300s Bracket for RS1 or M-RSA

NIST Temperature Point Certification

AC Power Adapter Adapter

FlexSmart TRMS Module (2 Channels) Sensor

Weatherproof Extension Housing

Smart Sensor Extension Cable (2 meter)

Solar Radiation Shield

FlexSmart TRMS Module (2 Channels) w/Modular Plug Sensor

Smart Sensor Consolidator Box Adapter

Solar Radiation Shield

1-to-2 Sensor Communication Adapter

U30 Sensor Input Expander Adapter

12-bit Voltage Input Adapter Sensor

Type T Subminiature Connector Adapter

Type K Subminiature Connector Adapter

Type J Subminiature Connect Adapter

Replacement O-ring Kit (Viton)

5 UV Protection Caps for U23 Series Data Loggers

Replacement O-ring Kit (EPDM)

Clamp Kit for U23-001

Replacement DO Sensor Cap

Pendant Replacement Parts Kit

1-5/8″ U-bolts (Qty 2)

Sodium Sulfite Solution

Replacement Coupler for HOBO Pro v2

Voltage Input Sensor (0 to 5 Vdc)

HOBOconnect Monitoring App

Smart Sensor Extension Cable (5 meter)

Voltage Input Sensor (0 to 24 Vdc)

Voltage Input Sensor (0 to 10 Vdc)

MX2500 Replacement Electrode

Hi 70300L Storage solution for pH Electrodes (500mL)

MX2500 Anti-Biofouling Copper Guard

HOBOware Pro USB Drive (USB Cable Included) Software

Smart Sensor Extension Cable – 25m length